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Transmission Repair San Antonio

Transmission Repair Technician San AntonioTxBefore jumping into transmission repair, we believe that a number of diagnostic tests must be performed first. Our Transmission Scan checks your transmission fluid, transfer case fluid, and differential fluid to make sure that quality and quantity are at their ideal levels. After this, we'll perform a road test and look for initial and TCC engagement, timing and quality of shifting, noises, vibrations, park/neutral/reverse, every drive range, and 4x4 performance.

We will also put your car on a lift and inspect the parts underneath your car to check for any problems that may exist outside of the transmission. This inspection will focus on:

  • Connections (harness, ground, vacuum)
  • Linkage (shifting, detent cable, TV)
  • Engine performance and idling
  • Mounts
  • Final drive, axles, and shafts
  • Joints (U and CV)
  • Fluid retention
  • Pan gasket
  • Wire condition
  • Computer trouble code scanning.

As a rule, AAMCO will never suggest a major transmission repair without first knowing if it is absolutely necessary and what specifically is causing the problem. We're on your side we don't want you to spend more money than you have to on transmission service.

Computer and Internal Diagnostics

We check the electronics of your car just as carefully as we check the transmission. After all, many newer cars are dependent upon their onboard computer, and if something goes wrong with the computer, it may affect the performance of the car's transmission.

AAMCO's Computer Diagnostic Service uses a computer scanner to check your vehicle's computer and look for trouble codes. After retrieving the trouble codes, we search for the codes in AAMCO's proprietary database, which is the most comprehensive resource available when it comes to transmission computer diagnostics.

Next, your AAMCO technician will connect the AAMCO's Kwiktest™ PlusBox to find out if the problem is inside or outside of your transmission. Furthermore, he or she will inspect the electronics, solenoids, wiring, and sensors under the hood of your car.

AAMCO's complete Transmission Scan diagnostics will reveal your transmission problems and allow us to make transmission service recommendations that are tailored to your needs. With all of our repairs, you will have a standard warranty with the option of expanding coverage with our lifetime warranty if you so choose. It's this unique formula that has made AAMCO the most trusted transmission shop for almost 50 years.

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